I started my career as a Veterinary Nurse and worked within the veterinary Industry for over 12 years. Animals were my first passion until I went to India in 2006 and worked with women in the slums of Delhi and discovered that talking and being open with others was emotionally healthy. I experienced this through the people I met and the companions I travelled with. I watched the women find great comfort and joy through talking and being. I realised that there was something about sharing and being vulnerable that was genuinely healing; the acceptance I received from others without judgement or expectation gave me motivation to start to make changes in my life and think about a new direction. There were those that saw the potential in me when I felt lost.

I understand this experience to be the beginning of my journey towards becoming a counsellor and understanding mental health. I am passionate about counselling. I could never expect my clients to be transparent and face challenges that I would not do myself. I regularly attend my own therapy and endeavour to cultivate the following personal moral qualities which I strongly believe make me an effective therapist and make me happy:

Empathy, Sincerity, Integrity, Resilience, Respect, Humility, Competence, Fairness, Wisdom & Courage

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