Hi Folks, I hope you are safe and well,

I have been looking this week at helpful posts on social media and there is so much whizzing round which is great but also a bit overwhelming. I’ve picked my top 3 helpful advice sources- If you have any questions then do get in contact.



Firstly the Blurt it out foundation   have created a really great resource and practical guide of things we can do to support our mental health during this time, especially if we have pre-existing difficulties.


Action for Happiness always create a calendar each month of things we can do to support our well being. During the month of April they have an Active Coping April 2020 . Its full to the brim with some wonderful actions we can do that are positive. I note the quote that they use from Viktor Frankl’s book – Man’s search for meaning

‘Everything can be taken from us but one thing: the freedom to choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances’

For me this really demonstrates that when things are not within our control we can still choose which things we can do that are within our control. This will really support our resilience during this crisis.  Resilience is the ability to keep going.



If you are a parent and need some advice and support about talking to your children about Covid19 then i would recommend the NSPCC. They have created some wonderful tools for calming activities to do with your children who are feeling worried. There is also some great advice about online safety, our children might become more at risk and might be more vulnerable during lockdown.



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