This too shall pass

Hello all,

Its been a while since I have created a post. So much has changed over the past 3 weeks its been hard to keep up with changing my work in response to this crisis. First of all social distancing to then complete lockdown for us in the UK , our lives as we knew them have been turned upside down!

I am still working but for the time being I am no longer seeing my clients or supervisees face to face in Totnes . So now counselling online and by telephone have become more important than ever. I am very used to this way of working and find it just as effective as working in person. We are all in the unique situation where some of us are isolating with other people and confidentiality might be a difficulty when it comes to therapy. Online therapy (video calling) might not be an option if you are struggling to find space but telephone calling in a garden or a car or on your daily exercise walk might work better for you. For online therapy you need access to a computer or device that allows you to download Skype or Zoom software, a private space to talk and a set of headphones (not essential) .

If you are a counsellor and are needing support to adapt your practice during these challenges then do get in contact with me. I have experience in using different platforms to work with my clients and we can discuss the options and questions you might have.

We are all facing many uncertainties right now and in the coming weeks, anxiety is high,  and for some people isolation is leading to many new and sometimes dangerous issues. Do get in contact with me if you or a member of your household would like support and keep an eye on my Facebook page for helpful articles, ideas and inspiration. I have experience of working with Adults and Young people and am available both for daytime or evening appointments,

You may be seeing rainbows in some windows when you are out an about. Children have been encouraged to create them for other children to see. Rainbows are a symbol of hope, they are encouraging us to keep hopeful , this too shall pass. xxx


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