How do I book a session?

Sessions can be booked by phone or email. You can also email me with any enquiries or phone me for an informal chat about what you might need from counselling and your availability.

Phone- 07496279517

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    What if I can’t make a session or miss a session?

    I will require 48hrs notice for any cancellation of sessions. I will endeavour to find another time within the same week that is convenient for both of us if you miss or cancel a session, if it is not possible, then the full fee of £45 will be charged for the cancelled or missed session.

    What about Confidentiality?

    Confidentiality means that everything you say stays between us in the counselling room. I will only break confidentiality if you were to say that you wanted to cause harm to yourself or harm to another person or if you disclosed an act of terrorism. I would always tell you that I would be breaking confidentiality and the reasons why. As I work with young people I would also break confidentiality if I felt that there may be a risk to children or the child disclosed someone was causing harm to them. I have regular meetings with a supervisor as keeping within the BACP ethical codes of conduct (this is my space to talk about our work together and you will always remain anonymous to them. This is to make sure that the work is safe and relevant).

    Can I Contact you in between sessions?

    You can phone or text me on my mobile during my working hours and if I don’t answer please do leave a message. Do email me too, I may be a bit slower getting back to you via this method but I will reply as soon as possible. My working hours are Monday to Friday 9am-9pm.

    How much is each session?

    Each session is 60 minutes and costs £45.

    I really believe that therapy should be available to all and if you would like to discuss referral to any charitable agencies in the area I would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

    Sessions can be paid for by cash , Bank transfer or cheque made payable to ‘Miss Catherine J Sweet’. I also now accept Totnes and Exeter pounds.

    How many sessions will I need?

    This varies from person to person. At first I will suggest that we agree to work together for 6 sessions. Generally 6-10 weeks is considered short term therapy. Longer term therapy is considered more than 10 weeks.

    I will always emphasise that this must be your choice and within your control but for therapy to have a continuity I do insist that sessions are attended on a weekly basis and we have a final ending session together.

    What happens if my session is cancelled?

    I will let you know with at least 4 weeks’ notice when I will be taking time out. Should anything unforeseen mean that I can’t see you I will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible and if necessary refer you to another counsellor.

    FAQ Young people

    I have a young person whom I wish to refer to counselling, is it ok if I attend the session with him/her?

    Some young people may feel very nervous about attending a counselling session. If this is the case and they would prefer to meet me with you there, then this can be arranged for the first 10 minutes of the session.

    Sometimes I may suggest to a young person that their care giver attend a session with them with the intention of looking at family issues together.

    Can you tell me what my child talks about in therapy?

    It is really important to give autonomy and confidentiality to everyone; including young people (see confidentiality statement above). I have a certified police check (DBS) and attend regular safeguarding training to keep me updated about assessing and managing risk with young people. I will therefore only break confidentiality if the young person discloses that they wish to cause harm to themselves, or others, or if someone is causing harm to them. The young person will be told this is what I will do and will always be informed of my actions.

    Evidence has shown that the most effective factor in a successful counselling relationship is the relationship between the client and counsellor. I will always be clear to a young person that it must be their choice if they wish to see me. If they would prefer to try to see another counsellor, I may be able to suggest other therapists in the area. Sometimes young people need fewer sessions than adults, so one may be enough. I will inform you if this is the case.